Friday, June 26, 2009

Back in the cobwebs of antiquity,
Celestial Wisdom has been stored
within the collective shimmering
of human consciousness.

It's all about the pulse, you know!
The Musica Universa,
the heartbeat of the cosmos,
the magnetic waves
and solar winds rushing to and fro
through all the infinitely deep fractal
dimensions within themselves,
and eternally flowing in and out
through Black Holes,
from single cells then back
to an immenseness
beyond measure,
connecting us all to one another
in this indescribable melee
called existence.

The Gods send what we call
divine inspiration!
Inner voice and intuition, the
concepts philosophers
of humankind installed into
our paradigms in order to define
the voices of The Immortal and Angels.

To be in tune,
whether you be sinner or saint,
is really only a matter of listening
with an empty mind.....

~Bren Parks~